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Image of Julie Andrews, Sound of Music

Image of Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music (1965)

Synopsis: True Love and the Twist of Fate; a True Story... The follow up article to this is, "I Believe in Angels"

...The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer is one of the all-time greats and definitely one of my favourite films. I remember, as both a child and an adult, passionately huddling round the TV with my family watching around XMAS time.  In fact it was never XMAS until the Sound of Music was aired.  For those few who don’t know, it tells the enchanting love story of how a most beautiful, charming, delightful and very talented nun, Maria falls in love with Captain Von Trapp, a retired naval officer. As they get to know each other Captain Von Trapp finally stomachs up the courage to admit his feelings for her and they get married to live happily ever after.  But only after the wonderful Maria, frightened of her true feelings for the Captain tried to deny those feelings and runs away from the situation and the Captain, back to the convent from whence she came.  I surmise, that if the story had ended there then I doubt the film would have ever been as successful, as it would have been a very sad ending to something that could have been so amazing and special, but fortunately for both Maria and Captain Von Trapp (and of course the children) common sense and true love prevailed. Interestingly the Sound of Music is based on a True Story.

Almost 4 years ago, I met the modern day version of Maria; Charming, Beautiful, Warm, Kind, Intelligent, Creative, Great with furniture rearranging and the list just keeps on going and we embarked on what was to become my most important relationship. In fact, in hindsight I had fallen deeply in love with her from the moment we met. She is, I believe, my soul mate and being with this person was the most incredible time of my life.

Alas, we didn’t have sing-alongs around her open hearth – in fact come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing (and I can’t sing), but what we lacked in musical charm we made up for in other ways and it was, “always great.”

But as I was to find out, sometimes fate holds a cruel deck of cards and regardless how strong the bond is between two people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will be physically together forever…well not at that moment in time.  In our case the circumstances that transpired were truly horrific and didn’t end until May this year, having imploded in Jan 2010 and it happened, I believe, due to a lack of communication on a sensitive topic and just snowballed. But people make mistakes and the key thing is to rectify those mistakes and sometimes all it takes is a simple sorry or nudge to restart a path with tremendous possibilities and happiness.

The story emphasises the importance of problem solving from the outset and seeing the bigger picture. By talking open and honestly you can express your feelings and so allow the other person/ party to have a better gauge of the situation and importantly by getting things off your chest, you feel better whereas bottling things in only aides in negativity. Of course, sometimes doing so entails overcoming deep rooted fears but once overcome you will be free and can be truly happy and importantly be at peace within yourself. 

As the fallible creatures we are, we are always going to make several mistakes in life – some major and some trivial, but acknowledging those mistakes, learning from them and rectifying them is the only way to prevent further adverse consequences and heartache.

Maria isn’t the problem… what she is, is a shining light in this world; and The Sound of Music shows how love can traverse all circumstances and I am hopeful our modern day version will follow suit, but only time will tell...  xx

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Hide and Seek

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Image of girl hiding

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...The recent riots on the streets of London and other UK cities may forgive us in forgetting we even have a police force.  We watched in horror (and I am sure in fear as well for many) as people’s livelihoods were looted and burnt to cinders whilst the Metropolitan Police did very little to intervene. In the case of the turmoil on the streets of Clapham the Met Police did a very good job of playing hide and seek – they were simply not to be found.

Yet the following days, praise from the clueless and reactionary coalition were heaped upon them.  The police - who are meant to protect us from the very serious crimes we witnessed including arson and the tragic murder of the 3 young men in Birmingham - were told, to my incredulity, of how they were doing a good job.  Well if that is doing a good job, what does it take for them to face real investigation or shake up for doing a bad job? To me, their actions (or rather inactions in this case) made them complicit in the crimes that took place, but they will not be on trial.

It took the very brave and in many ways heroic words of Tariq Jahan, the father of one of the three young men sadly killed in Birmingham to bring calm and peace to our streets again. His way of thinking enabled him to see the bigger picture and despite his terrible grief he spoke with clarity, dignity, authority, passion and a sense you rarely hear from a politician or police officer who are only normally trying to protect themselves from their own failings and incompetence. His words resonated through every sinew of our society and shows that from a deep negative there are potentially many positives.

[Further real life illustrative articles include: "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?", "Steve Jobs iRIP 1955-2011", "The Butterfly Effect...", "I Believe In Angels", "The Lonely Goatherd", "Wacky Races" and "Staying Alive", but also read: "Happy New Year - The Final Edition", "A Celebration of Life" and "A Mother's Love"]

Three months to the day I was given my life back in what were the most difficult 16 months I've ever faced and where my beliefs and loyalties regarding someone very special to me were tested to the extremities, but where those beliefs and loyalties remained (as they still do) absolute.  And whilst I wait on her apology (which could take a while :-)), this episode in my life has inspired me to create this.  We all go through tough times and some tougher than others, but maybe if we think differently and challenge society we can free our mind and accordingly our lives.

There are a couple of posts already as part of the testing phase but today this site is now officially live and forthcoming topics include the Police and Love & Relationships and Soulmates...And feel free to comment and you can sign in via a plethora of ways including via your Facebook and Google account log ins.

I hope you all will enjoy what I am creating.




[Also read Isaac's 1yr anniversary post, "A Journey Becomes One", an article full of Heart & Love as Isaac Sarayiah Celebrates becoming a "Little Daddy," ]


An inspiration to us all.  Goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it and (of course) have an abundance of Diet Coke and Mentos lying around.  But the Feel Good Factor - Most Definitely...AMAZING sun


Stupid Politicians

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Image of Short Termism, Isaac Sarayiah, Sarayiah,

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...Short Termism of course is not exclusive to our elected leaders.  Companies and individuals tend to only see what is in front of them and not the consequences of their actions beyond the initial ripple. People do it all the time in relationships, work etc as most fail to grasp the bigger picture.

When the world faced a liquidity crisis in 2008 and the banks were on the brink of failure, there was only one solution that would have saved us from the nightmare that is about to ensue from the collapse of nation states around the world due to the implosion of untenable debt. That solution, as I said at the time, was to let the banks and other institutions fail. Protect the depositors, but otherwise let them go to the wall.

Of course those consequences would have been severe, but at least we could have rebuilt knowing the bottom was in and it would have been tough for a couple of years possibly but markets would have recovered and been all the better for it as the recovery then would have been sustainable.

Instead what our idiot politicians and bankers do is that they flood the world with printed money. Creating more debt to 'solve' a problem that was created by debt....Non sensical and illogical and now the repercussions (see "The Butterfly Effect..." and "Black Friday") are about to be felt and there is no solution that can head off the impending implosion of our World. It's just a matter of time...



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