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...The recent riots on the streets of London and other UK cities may forgive us in forgetting we even have a police force.  We watched in horror (and I am sure in fear as well for many) as people’s livelihoods were looted and burnt to cinders whilst the Metropolitan Police did very little to intervene. In the case of the turmoil on the streets of Clapham the Met Police did a very good job of playing hide and seek – they were simply not to be found.

Yet the following days, praise from the clueless and reactionary coalition were heaped upon them.  The police - who are meant to protect us from the very serious crimes we witnessed including arson and the tragic murder of the 3 young men in Birmingham - were told, to my incredulity, of how they were doing a good job.  Well if that is doing a good job, what does it take for them to face real investigation or shake up for doing a bad job? To me, their actions (or rather inactions in this case) made them complicit in the crimes that took place, but they will not be on trial.

It took the very brave and in many ways heroic words of Tariq Jahan, the father of one of the three young men sadly killed in Birmingham to bring calm and peace to our streets again. His way of thinking enabled him to see the bigger picture and despite his terrible grief he spoke with clarity, dignity, authority, passion and a sense you rarely hear from a politician or police officer who are only normally trying to protect themselves from their own failings and incompetence. His words resonated through every sinew of our society and shows that from a deep negative there are potentially many positives.

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I wonder whether the police took so long to intervene because they were afraid of accidentally killing or injuring a demonstrator/looter/rioter and thus instigating yet worse violence and attracting the ire of public opinion. We must not forget the reprobation and ensuing court cases brought about by "kettling" student, anti-war and anti-capitalist demonstrators. They have to maintain an extremely delicate balance, to coin a cliché, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

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