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A Journey Becomes One

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...A year ago today I officially launched this blog.  It was exactly 6 months after the bleakest period in my life had dramatically and tearfully come to an end and a time which I reflect upon on a daily basis with all the emotion that brings.  To this day though, I am still unsure what actually made me want to start writing, maybe it was Divine inspiration, maybe it was a need to express my deepest of feelings and to reach out to someone special and or maybe it was a cathartic necessity, but always in mind it was to be my views on Life and Love etc with the aim of helping others…

I remember some of the reactions when I told those closest of my plans.  My younger sister Camilla humoured me saying, “Oh that’s great!” but also later telling me she thought it would keep me out of mischief after all – who would read it she mused so let him write away and it could be a positive thing for me.  My very close friend, Michael Gelardi (see "A Celebration of Life") thought it was another one of my “crazy” ideas.

But as I say, I believe everything is Destiny now and so clearly this is part of mine and in the 12 months since creating this blog, I have received 2 job offers with the latter coming from a company in the US to provide Love and Relationship advice to their users via Skype, been contacted by a well-known British actor who asked me to be THEIR Facebook friend and where of course I readily accepted (and who surreally was part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony); and my blog has had roughly 78,000 visitors from around the world and is on target to have over 100,000 visitors for 2012 as a whole or including my heart, delectable Modern Day Maria, we can say it is 78,001 with her readership heartx.

Obviously from what I have previously written, this person means the world to me and is a deep source of inspiration for this blog and it will be 5 years in Oct since I met Maria who is the person I have been looking for all my life, except it was her who found me (see "The Lonely Goatherd" and which is probably my favourite article thus far) and where from the moment we breathed the same air and I couldn’t stop sneezing kissmarkx – it was mesmerising between us.  That said I had to fight hard and be at my persuasive, logical and charming best just to see her again, as after our first meeting she joked I was allergic to her and that it didn’t work for her despite her saying how marvellous it was between us (she is a bit crazy scorpius), but of course we did start seeing each other again and as I say in "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?", in hindsight, I fell deeply in love with her from the moment we kissed.  Regrettably I was not to tell her how I Truly felt until two years later. I was a zombie the day before, as my body shut down except for the most menial of tasks as extremely high levels of anxiety flowed through me and as I visualised the moment at hand using the technique she had introduced me to (see "Happy New Year – The Final Edition").  I legged it across London to see her, somehow keeping my nerves in check on what was a sunny & mild November early morning, without time to have anything to eat or drink so I could look straight into those sensual gleaming dark eyes of hers and communicate my deeply held affection, “I love you…, Maria I love you…  I want to spend the rest of my life with you; I want to have children with you,” as our hearts raced in sync edging cardiac arrest and Time paused.

The reason for my reticence in baring my naked soul prior is I felt it would be very difficult for her to deal with, as it challenged emotions and memories deep within (see "The Naked Countess - Interview Exclusive""Staying Alive" and "A Mother's Love"), and we were always Happy just bathing in each others auras.  Because of this fear, I did what you shouldn’t do and buried my True feelings with my head in my own hole in the sand (see "Healing Power of Sand"). But life is never easy and very difficult things should be talked about and fears confronted in order for a new world and chapter to begin and if we are ever to be FREE, ALIVE and Truly HAPPY.  Also it was important, given the past, that this most captivating of persons knew with certainty that I meant every word of what I was about to say so that regardless what happened next and wherever she was in the world or whoever with – there will always be this one person, “Isaac” who will always be there for her, adore her and who will wait a lifetime just to be with her – and that will always be TRUE Maria x.

Understandably, the legendary Bard William Shakespeare was right when he elicits in A Midsummers Night’s Dream, “The course of True Love never runs smooth,” as an avalanche was soon to hit (see "Steve Jobs iRIP 1955-2011") and without warning except for extreme soul mate pain in my heart telling me something was very wrong. As written, this avalanche was to almost claim my life, but a beautiful Angel with Modern Day Maria’s face and glowing with the same warmth and love of which she emanates was to divinely and poignantly intervene (see "I Believe In Angels").  Today, I am very grateful to be alive and helping others by telling my story in what is one of the greatest things I have ever done - albeit still deeply unhappy, empty inside and in terrible pain from what transpired, but this sorrow will always be live until we share a moment of courage together and I accept that.  Her own beautiful Angels, I am sure, are swirling around her as I type, projecting their spiritual words of guidance and deep love trying to help her and us with our Angels regularly communicating.

As what is at stake is the very reason why we rekindled our eternal bond almost 5 years ago and why actually the avalanche had to be triggered, as a transcendental Life test and sacrifice paves the way for a journey of never-ending Happiness, True Love and Sexual Ecstasy; and a moment of valour is all it will take to revitalise this now world adventure that normally only childhood dreams are made of…shinex

In the interim, whilst I try and keep my spirits up and religiously check my emails and text messages for what torturously seems like eternity for any signs of direct life from her, I have decided to take this blog to the next level and today I officially launch my own range of merchandise as I turn my blog into brand Sarayiah!

I have been working on this for several months since the idea ‘popped’ into my head and have created my own e-commerce site, “My-Store” which is a link on the left hand side of my blog.  The ‘range’ is admittedly a bit sparse at the moment, but consists of the simply scrumptious sun “theSarayiahpost.com” T-Shirts printed with my strapline, “be FREE be ALIVE be Truly HAPPY” and “Keep Your Distance” Car Stickers inspired after my “Wacky Races” incident and subsequent article!  The T-Shirts are made from 100% High Quality Cotton and are available in both male and female cut shapes, multiple sizes and colours including Golden Orange (as depicted by me above), Red, White and Sarayiah Blue :-).  The car stickers are equally of high quality and are water, scratch, tear and fade resistant. Payment is facilitated by Paypal, but you don’t need a Paypal account to purchase just an accepted credit or debit card.

My-Store (pronounced “mis-tuh-ree” pisces) is designed to promote and follow through on my philosophy of Life, Love and Relationships which seems to have encapsulated so many.  I intend to increase this range over time and there is FREE shipping worldwide on all orders £75 and over x.

And with that I sign off for today to celebrate becoming a “Little Daddy,” as my baby booming blog becomes a toddler and we enter further into unchartered waters.  And to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Maria (different film I know, but same wonderful Julie Andrews), I say, “Ca va?” “Oh and if you have some spare apples they would be graciously received as would some healing…Missing you xxx

Have a fabulous day all and thank you for making this blog an astonishing success… And don’t forget to buy a “theSarayiahpost.com” Exclusive T-shirt (and or a car sticker) x.



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