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Land of Hope and Glory - The London 2012 Games

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Pic of me receiving my Olympic Medal cropped.jpgPicture of Isaac Sarayiah receiving his "Olympic Medal" by Team GB Canoeist, Jon Boyton :-)x

IMGP2194_resize.JPGPicture of the Olympic Torch Relay as it passes through Harrow-on-the-Hill, Wed 25th July 2012 (c) Isaac Sarayiah

...I have always watched the Olympic Games on TV since I was a child, growing up with the extraordinary achievements of the likes of: superlative Frederick(!) Carlton (Carl) Lewis :-), Pole Vault superstar Sergei Bubka, Javelin Olympic Champion Tessa Sanderson, the sensation that is Michael Johnson, the showman and double Olympic Champion Decathlete Daley Thompson and of course one of the greatest Olympians and athletes of all time, Sir Steve Redgrave.  People who sacrifice so much and provide absolute dedication to realising their dreams and alas – for me - the Games of the 30th Olympiad were to be little different, as I never managed to obtain tickets… Not to be disheartened, I like many others went to soak up the atmosphere at the Olympic Park last Friday and to mingle with the ‘fabled’ ticket holders; thinking that maybe I could flatter one into conceding me a spare ticket – after all they say flattery gets you everywhere and my mum (see "A Mother’s Love") thinks I can be very charming – a quality I am certain the beautiful and spiritual healing being that is “wonderful” Maria would affirm…just as soon as she is able to speak openly about her deep and very real feelings (see "Staying Alive"), as well as hopefully rekindling me as her “RED HOT LOVER,”  (see “The Lonely Goatherd”), which is my waking dream heart01x.

However, on this day, I was also being a bit of a numpty - something which my mum also affirms I can be (and for my international readers that is British colloquial for “an idiot”), as I didn’t realise you needed a ticket just to enter the Olympic Park let alone the particular venues!  So alas I got no further than the London 2012 gates where I chatted to a group of American students who also were in the same predicament and unfortunately they were leaving the next day so had no chance to visit the magnificence London has created, but they did take a picture of the T-shirt I was wearing!!

Not to be put off by this snag on what was a rare beautiful hot and sunny day in London sun and never been one to shy away from attempting to ‘blag’ entry (gaining entry in an unorthodox manner for my international readers) into a fab party to which I was not invited(!), I spotted what I thought was a flaw in London 2012’s meticulous security planning.  Cunningly distracting an official’s gaze by asking him vainly to take some pictures of me with the fabulous Olympic Stadium as backdrop and noticing the burly police armed with sub machine guns to my left were engrossed with checking out another visitor who had, for whatever reason, caught their radar and was being made to unpack his rucksack in full public view, I decided to chance my arm.  However, this security breach attempt lasted all of 3 seconds as my would-be alternative entrance to the Olympic Park and its protected atmosphere was quickly snuffed out by 3 understanding, but no messing London 2012 officials!  My wonderful charm, the batting of eyelids nor the flashing of my golden orange “” Exclusive T-Shirt ("My-Store") was to have any joy on this occasion, but then, as I say, everything is Destiny!

Nevertheless, I was delighted I had travelled to the deepest darkest depths of Stratford in East London (from North West London where I reside) to inhale some of the atmosphere and the London 2012 volunteers - instantly recognisable in their signature purple outfits and by their joviality – definitely help whip this energy and reduce (for me anyway) the disappointment of not getting in.  Plan B was to visit the Olympic area in famed Hyde Park where you didn’t need tickets and after passing through (impressively) airport style security, I watched the events of the afternoon transpire on the one of many big screens surrounded by an international and joyous crowd with children painting their own tribute to these Games and sporting their nations flags on their faces. The children, as well as the adults amongst us, were embracing the very spirit and love that London was emanating and the illuminated faces of the children to me is one of the many facets of these games that makes them so special and admiring.

I personally believe that the London 2012 Games are probably the greatest of the modern era – well definitely the greatest that I have seen even via television and the little bit of Olympic atmosphere that I have personally managed to savour and engage.  The inspiration and causal nexus that this fortnight will provide will last multi generations and span nations, cultural heritages and divides.  There have of course been some downsides – it is sad that the Olympic Flame cannot be seen from outside of the Olympic Stadium so most will only see it on TV; another is the appalling ticketing system which has left many without tickets in the UK, as well as - in my opinion - the Opening Ceremony which was – apart from a few moments of conceptual genius and special effects brilliance - and to use a favourite quote of my sister Camilla Sarayiah who fell asleep during the proceedings, “Dull as ditchwater.” I didn’t think it flowed, was stop-start, as well as being a bit too inward focusing for the on-looking and no doubt bewildered (at times) international audience; But what could have been its saviour in my eyes was if acclaimed Director Danny Boyle had further charmed Diamond medallist, 86 year old great-grandmother HRH Her Majesty The Queen into actually jumping out of the helicopter, skydiving in to the Olympic arena in a Union Jack blazoned canopy instead of her “stunt” double or at least tandem jumped with Daniel Craig with Her Majesty carrying the flame of Eternal Hope, Love, Inspiration and Destiny in one hand and of course a corgi in the other!

Then I think we would have secured the legacy as the Greatest Games ever!  Nevertheless an amazing and stunning achievement and congratulations Team GB on your remarkable success and personal sacrifices…shinex

Love Isaac x

PS. A Very Happy 40th Birthday today to two wonderful old school friends of mine, Nicky Coppin and Mayur Patel present

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