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The Butterfly Effect

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Synopsis: Isaac examines the universal law of Cause and Effect; unveiling some of his secrets on how to solve problems...

...I often believe people, companies and governments think they are autonomous to the natural law of Cause and Effect and only see the short term gains as opposed to the possible long term pain.  Sometimes decisions are made that don't even provide a short term gain as what was thought to be the right thing to have done, turns out on reflection to have been the very wrong thing to have done!  We have all heard of the fabled beautiful butterfly that flaps its wings and the ever increasing ripple effects of that causes a hurricane 1000 miles away.

In my article dated 15th August 2011 titled, “Stupid Politicians” I cite, due to the short termism by politicians when dealing with the original debt crisis in 2007/8 there is now, in my opinion, no solution to the global debt crisis at the sovereign level and that it is only a matter of time before the world effectively implodes due to the full effects of this crisis.  This process can currently be seen with rising debt yields in certain countries to unsustainable levels and falling equity and commodity prices across the globe as the contagion spreads like a virus and I believe it is now likely that a market crash is plausible (see previous post titled, Black Friday for technical argument).

On 22nd September 2011, I post the following on the blog of trader Carl Futia:

…If history repeats itself we will most likely have a strong equity market rally until mid/end of October before complete collapse in equity, commodity and bond markets etc across the world.

Hopefully, the world and the politicians and bankers who run it will learn from this debacle we are all witnessing and that a key ingredient when attempting to solve a crisis (or indeed any problem) is to always take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture and the fundamentals (truth) of a situation before acting and to try and extrapolate to the ultimate consequence of the actions you make – not just the immediate reactionary consequence. In other words think ahead and read between the lines, as very little of what is said is generally the truth and non-verbal communication makes up for 93% of all communication!  Furthermore, what this crisis amply demonstrates is that by not dealing with the root cause of a problem and instead by papering over it, as we all may have a tendency to do at times whether it be with a relationship, work or money issues etc, you never solve it and it is just storing up greater and more severe problems in the future.

Under the law of Cause and Effect, every action and decision we make has consequences and those consequences have consequences etc and every time we leave a problem unsolved it affects us in our daily lives and those ripple effects grow until at some point they may topple us just as countries are being toppled now. After all, we are all to some degree, a function of our past.

I recently went through a very tough time, but always kept my faith and belief in what the eventual outcome would be and sometimes very negative situations happen so that even more positive situations can occur.  If you can understand the fundamentals and the bigger picture of any given situation then, just like a mathematical equation, there can (I hypothesise) be only one outcome. Of course sometimes you have to take your best guess and we will always make mistakes, but generally, as long as we acknowledge and learn from them and care about and help others and our environment then we can hopefully put the errors of the past right before disaster strikes (except in this global meltdown :-)).

On that cheerful note and as there is nothing we can do about solving this crisis, have a wonderful day and some fun and if you need to Heal someone by saying sorry for a past error then why not make that call today and brighten up both your days sun.




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