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Happy New Year - The Final Edition

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Happy 2012 from the Sarayiah FamilyHappy New Year from The Sarayiah family, from left - our Mum, Me (duh!) and sisters, Pamela and Camilla Sarayiah x

Synopsis: As the Mayan Prophecy looms, a New Years Resolution that isn't for the faint-hearted...

...Naturally, not one to spell doom and gloom :-), I would like to wish Lynx very well in its genius “2012 End of the World” marketing ploy, as of course should the Mayans and the Conspiracists be right and the mystifying Planet X – last heard about in the mid 80’s  – combine to bring about an effective whitewash of the Human Race, then in the weeks of panic leading up to that – we will no doubt be rushing to stock up on Lynx’s final creation to stop us perspiring to death.

Life of course is very precious and should Lynx and the doomsayers be right then it is our last chance to rejoice in the splendour of a New Year and consider one of those fabled New Year’s Resolutions. Logically, it may all prove a bit pointless given what is predicted, but I think I have a good one and it will keep up morale as the European Union implodes and equity and debt markets collapse around the world leading to the greatest depression we will ever witness, but only if we are not fortunate for our time to be cut short by Armageddon.

In Nov 09, the lovely Maria (see How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? and I Believe In Angels) suggested I watch “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and investigate the Law of Attraction, which it engulfs, as she herself had just read the book and was intrigued.  Unknown to her until then I actually had the DVD version for 2 years, but never watched it – until that fateful day.  The Law of Attraction, as I was to discover, is about positivity and interacting with the causal laws of the Universe (see The Butterfly Effect) and visualising our dreams to make them happen and as we were texting each other back and forth as to what it really meant and having a bit of fun in the process, I decided that another positive step would be to give up profanity.

I acknowledge that this is easier said than done, but probably no more difficult than giving up smoking or Sudoku etc (not that I smoke and I still can’t figure out how to do Sudoku).  So after telling myself that day I was not going to swear anymore and then somehow still shocked at finding myself uttering words my mum would be aghast at, I began to train my thoughts to obey my wishes until it gradually became easier and easier not to swear. Today I do not swear (or very, very rarely) even when all those around me seem to not know any other words of expression and I have to say I feel all the better for it. Of course you do notice it immediately when someone around you does utter what is now (for me) the unspeakable and you have to fight the temptation to follow suit and swear at them for swearing and maybe admonish them for their needless profanity.

So clearly this is not a New Year’s Resolution for the faint hearted as you need fortitude and courage to go against your peers and to tread where very few people have been before, but if you think you are up to it and are stuck in a dilemma whether to retry the carrot juice diet again or give up swearing I know which one I would chose. And if the worse comes to the worst and on 21st Dec 2012 you are faced with a Tsunami the size of Manhattan you will be so proud of yourself for not letting the Human Race down in the final moments by cursing!

Help make the world a better place…Think Differently!

Happy 2012 ;-).

Love from The Sarayiah’s


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Hi Isaac! I am not bothered by the 2012 Doomsday prediction because I actually don't know If I will leave that long. Life is so unpredictable and we can't be sure when our life will end and because of this everyday is a potential doomsday for everyone of us. Happy New Year and may you have a nice day.

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