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Wacky Races Clip Copyright (c) Hanna Barbera 1968-69 and the Cartoon Network

Synopsis: If everybody kept their distance the world would be a much safer place...

...I am sure those of us at (and beyond) a certain age :-), will remember the sheer carnage depicted in the Hanna Barbera classic cartoon, “Wacky Races” and the devious antics of Dick Dastardly and Muttley.  The villainy duo tried to overthrow the likes of the Ant Hill Mob and Penelope Pitstop with their wicked deeds in order to win the race at any cost.

Insanely some of today’s drivers seem intent on recreating the cartoon and these characters in real life and maybe it was just me, but around the festive season it was as if I was an unwilling participant in one of these “Wacky” races.  Some drivers seemed to have lost all sense of road and safety etiquette as they risked not only the lives of others but theirs too, to seemingly win some “mythical” race.  I witnessed people dangerously driving way too close to the vehicle in front and at speed (not that tailgating at low speed is any better), cutting people up, appearing from out of junctions as if they were a bunny appearing from a hat, not indicating (but that seems to be all too common these days as is speeding) and I hope not, but suspect, drink driving too.

This level of irresponsibility is just a disaster waiting to happen for everyone involved including innocent pedestrians whose fate may be sealed by the Dick Dastardly of the modern road rage era; and on XMAS day, I was the victim of one of the copycat villainy duo who hit me from behind whilst I was stationary causing me whiplash. I have always been nervous when I see someone driving too close to me and in this instance I had no chance and nowhere to go other than into the busy North Circular Road (a busy dual carriageway in London for my international readers) at a not opportune moment.  I saw the driver’s Renault Clio getting closer and closer in my rear view mirror and remember thinking, “Ooh they are getting close” and hoping they would stop until “CRASH, BANG WALLOP!”  As it turned out, my one real driving accident would be caused by someone who works for the ambulance service and if you were to be hit by anyone - I suppose in theory - you couldn’t be hit by anyone better except this person was in shock and I was more concerned about their well-being rather than myself.  Fortunately, I should make a full recovery after physio and destiny has it that my path would cross an expert in whiplash injuries and the other side has now admitted liability, but the knock on effects from a minor incident like that are time consuming as well as depressing in the sense that I can’t do what I would normally due to injury. Plus psychologically there is an injury too and I am definitely more anxious at times now when driving.

In cartoon land you can drive into someone and even blow them up using ACME branded dynamite without remorse and magically everyone is restored to full and normal working order in the next print. In the real world people and families can lose loved ones due to the senseless driving of others.  Does anyone need reminding of the horrific motorway pile up on the M5 a month before XMAS and which was caused by tailgating and driving at speed in bad weather conditions?  Innocent parties who were keeping their distance and following the commonsensical approach to driving sadly stood no chance from the arrogance and idiocy of those behind.

This style of driving should remain on the cartoon canvas and not in the 21st Century – the fact that cars are safer and have shorter braking distances today doesn’t mean we have to put them to the test! The dangers and consequences are all too apparent and it is shocking that a tragedy like that seemingly does nothing to make drivers more aware and cautious.  My accident was minor so imagine the trauma caused to those and their families, loved ones and friends etc when it results in fatalities or serious injury.

Life has a habit of throwing a curveball at you when you least expect it, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the cause of the curveball on yourself or on others.  One of the themes of my blog is trying to change the way people think - to be able to see the bigger picture before rushing into decisions and to try and conceptualise the consequences of those actions/ decisions and their ripple effects etc before they even happen (See The Butterfly Effect).  Imagine how you would feel if you caused harm to another human being by your reckless and carefree driving, let alone the follow on consequences?

I am firmly of the belief you should treat others as you would like to be treated yourself;  To me, giving in life is all so important to one’s well-being and Karma and to give one a chance of being able to be “Truly HAPPY.”  For example, when you brighten up someone’s day – doesn’t that make you feel good too? And giving can take many forms from the transference of kind words such as complimenting someone, the giving of a long overdue apology for pain and heartache caused in the past, asking how someone is and wishing them a wonderful day, to simply a smile and making someone laugh (incidentally, in Hebrew, my name “Isaac” means gift of “laughter” except that I tend to laugh at my own jokes and sound a lot like Muttley in the process!); and what better with Valentine’s Day round the corner to open your Heart to someone very special and telling them you Truly love them and like no other heartx… Naturally, giving also applies to thinking of others safety on the roads and being considerate and thoughtful to your fellow driver.

Always try and take a step back to consider the causal effects of your actions on the parties involved and think it through to the end conclusion – if necessary break it down into steps to make this easier and this can apply to anything in life and not just driving of course.  But for example, imagine how tense someone must be feeling when they see your bonnet up their tailpipe and how dangerous that is! I utilise this way of thinking every day in my life to some degree or another depending on how important the issue is to me. By doing so it helps me find solutions to problems and importantly pre-empt problems, as well as helping achieve the outcome I desire.

The theme of using the infamous cartoon as a base for an article may seem light hearted in nature, but the message I am trying to make couldn’t be more serious so please let’s leave the wacky races to YouTube and reruns on the Cartoon Network and help make the world a safer place…

And for those who went to the ACME School of Driving please take time to revisit the Highway Code which can be downloaded for free here:


Also if you are in need of a real life fabulous driving instructor and are in or near the NW London, UK area then get in contact and I will pass on their details.

Please have a safe and beautiful day.


Isaac Xxx

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