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The Lonely Goatherd Clip from The Sound of Music (1965), Sung by Julie Andrews' Maria and the Children (c) FOX

Synopsis: A Valentine's Day special of True Love; A very open and honest account of Isaac's heart... The follow up article to this is, "Let's Face the Music and Dance."

...My most cherished Valentine’s Day present is from the beautiful and enchanting Modern Day version of Julie Andrew’s Maria (see "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?"…). It is ‘just’ a card but what the card says and embodies is what makes it so special.  It is titled “RED HOT LOVER” on the front in silver and black writing with the “RED” made from silver beads and inside she has smooched all over it in scarlet red lipstick. To put it bluntly, I was stunned and blown away.  I still have that card and it stands proud near my bedside and is very much part of me, as of course she is and naturally, I yearn to kiss her real luscious pouting lips every day :-)x.

Destiny would have our paths adjoin in Oct 07 via a rather risqué internet dating ad I had placed seeking a “Fantastic Kisser” and she answered.  Her email response to me that day is, as I have told her, simply the most breath-taking email I have ever read and it was as if she knew how important we would become to each other before we had even met, let alone mutually corresponded in any form.  She mentions finding my “electric kisser” to “kiss forever and ever” and how glad she was, that there are people like me alive on the face of the earth!   These gestures personify this most precious of human beings’ and, as I say, this modern version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical star is every bit as special as Julie Andrew’s portrayal of the charmed nun turned governess.

It also just goes to show that when you are sharing today with your partner of the time or if so fortunate to be with your very real soul mate – it doesn’t need to be fancy or lavish, it just needs to come from the Heart; Just like you shouldn’t wait for a special day like today to show your feelings for another.  It doesn’t have to be long-stemmed roses or chocolates or heart shaped helium balloons that leap out from an unassuming white cardboard box when opened or even an expensive meal out or an intimate weekend getaway (of course they can all be fabulous too). It can be the simplest but most powerful of gestures such as a beautiful card as described here, say with an elegant rose ‘hidden’ inside or a simple but thoughtful text message that took months to plan showing your depths of love, trust and respect for that person.  All that matters is that it comes with meaning and purposeful thought just as any gift should.

Of course, due to the nature and complexities of us and the world at large, very few will be with their life partner today for a plethora of reasons - and human beings enter into relationships for all sorts of reasons and generally the wrong ones;  Some are in a stage of their life when they are only looking for fun – a stage I was more than happy to go through in my 20’s :-) (I am now 40 in 2 weeks from today!), some are on the stepping stones of relationships through life until they meet their Ultimate desire, some are confused, many manufacture their love kidding themselves it will work, some are on the fabled “rebound” and some of the rare minority who experience the Truest of Loves may not be able to deal with it due to very deep rooted issues stemming from childhood.

The deep rooted issues that plunged mine and Maria’s life into darkness was due to the latter, but the truth underlying our relationship is symbolised by her stunning card and embodied in everything we stand for and how at one we feel when holding hands, embracing each other or even just frolicking on the phone.  There are many facets to True Love of course and even though sadly it is looking increasingly unlikely we will be sharing our bodies with one another on a day this special, as we are yet to break tongue since she finally put stop to our entwined despair in late May last year (see "I Believe In Angels") - I do not believe we have ever been apart since we met, only in the descriptive physical sense.  We have always been able to sense each other’s feelings and emotions and at times pick up on each other’s thoughts wherever we stand, as our molecules and spirit vibe in unison and warp distance and time. And as I say in my previous articles, "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" and “I Believe in Angels”, hopefully it is only time now before we are able to banish the injustices and traumas of the past in both our younger and more recent contexts to move forward together in perfect rhythm and harmony in a childhood dream cum reality.  To grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make this modern day fairy-tale scenario actual where, I believe, the stage is set for all the pain and heartache from the deepest pits of our stomachs to evaporate in an abracadabra style unifying kiss, this uniquely spiritually engaged Maria will hopefully manage to break her self-imposed convent style vow of silence and answer my radiating vibes once again sun.

So what of the all the other singletons out there today or the people still seeking their True mate? The person they have danced with over centuries past?  Well in fairy-tale puppet style we can all, at some point in our lives, identify and take inspiration from the handsome story of "The Lonely Goatherd,” as sung by the original and equally multi-talented, Julie Andrews’ Sound of Music Maria.  It tells the story of - well a lonely, but rather dashing goatherd who - high on a hill top - is searching for his true love and sends out his vibes in the form of “Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo” and “Lay ee odl lay ee odl-ooAh.”

Personally I have never tried this approach before, but chemistry comes in all forms and guises and clearly his vocals are strong as is his musical prowess and his octaves vibrate far and wide, penetrating the souls of many. One beautiful girl in a pale pink coat resonates with his harmonious tones and responds in unison – just as I placed my internet dating ad and Maria resonated with my vibes!

Now I am not saying to find your soul mate you have to go out and start yodelling. In fact, in today’s X-Factor audition era, it may be your wonderful attempts to woo that very special person this way go unappreciated and you may end up being arrested for breach of the peace!  However, never one to stamp on enthusiasm, should this article inspire those daring enough to conjure up their yodelling talent and you find yourself equally blessed with a megaphone then by all means let the streets of far and away from wherever you live hear your dulcet (fingers crossed) tones.  After all, the once lonely goatherd is no longer lonely and blessed with True Happiness with his beautiful blonde pig-tailed companion and child, as depicted by the wonderful mini puppetry musical.

We are fortunate though, for us more reserved characters, that in the modern era we do not need to yodel to find our true loved one, but simply to venture our vibes into the ether in a myriad of more modern forms. In my case it was a dating ad, in your case it could be simply bumping into your soul mate in a Tesco Supermarket, via speed dating, on holiday in the Caribbean or even high up on the Inca Trail in Peru.  What this beautiful clip from the magical Sound of Music illustrates is that it will happen if you keep an open mind and listen to the world around you – you just don’t know when or where. However, just as I did, you will hopefully realise as soon as you meet that uniquely special person and in her words, electric kiss, forever and ever.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone.

And Modern Day Maria, “Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo” … heart04


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