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A Mother's Love

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IMGP1293 cropped.jpgPicture of our fabulous Mother, Hannah walking sister Pamela Sarayiah Down the Aisle on her Wedding Day, Sept 2008

Synopsis: Celebrating Mums on Mother's Day...

...Today being Mother’s day I would like to pay tribute to my most wonderful mum, Hannah, and to all your wonderful mums out there who no doubt had the hardest job in the world in bringing up their loved ones! I can tell you for a fact, I know my mum did with me (and still does) :-)x.  And for those whose mums are now no longer with us then hopefully you have splendid memories of your mother’s nurturing, care and protection of you as her child that will provide comfort and solace and that she lives long and vibrant in those reflections.

My mum is 76 years young now and sadly her health is not what it once was and with a knee operation pending next week - which gives me the shivers every time I think about it – I can only hope that it is successful and helps her be mobile once again.  She is being very pragmatic about it which is interesting as she will worry about her children like there is no tomorrow, but faced with a major operation she is seemingly calm and collected!

Yet it is very sad to see my mum inactive when once she was so outgoing.  As a child we could never go anywhere without her bumping into one of her many friends and stopping for a 10 minute chat - much to mine and my sisters’ despair who just wanted to get to our destination, which was often the local Iceland supermarket!

My mum always brings joy and happiness to whoever she is around, as she is empathetic, giving and loving. She would always rather give to someone whether it is family, friends or even a relative stranger, rather than take or go without and she is loved by many; I hypothesise if she (a) were computer literate and (b) had a Facebook account the number of facebook friends she would have would stretch far… I will just add here though that impressively she can text and even teaches some of her friends how to!

She travelled here from Guyana in the 1960’s, which is to be found at the top of South America and is part of the Caribbean, where she met our subsequent father (also Guyanese).  She had a tough childhood being one of many siblings back home in Guyana, but came over here for a better life, as did many at that time and worked very hard to achieve that and then to bring up 3 children.  I would say we were pretty much a poor family throughout our childhood and so it definitely wasn’t easy especially compounded with what I can only imagine, would be the problems associated with being an immigrant in a foreign country in the 60’s and 70’s.  Then when my father passed away in 1990 she was left to continue to raise us on her own, but I think on the whole she has done a very good job and, in my opinion, should be knighted for being a shining example to Humanity and a 100% warm-hearted person that every community should have!  She does have the odd pitfall though – one of which is that she is an avid viewer of EastEnders and Coronation Street, but then no-one is perfect and we all have issues!

Parenting is never easy and being a mum is thought of as the hardest job in the world and is full of sacrifice, but loving unconditionally really costs nothing and that bond from a mother to a child is of course very special.  It is this powerful form of love that all of us look for as a child from our parents and then again in our adult lives when trying to find the all-encompassing magical relationship – a relationship that will make us float on cloud nine for the rest of our lives (see my Valentine’s Day article, "The Lonely Goatherd").

But unfortunately, sometimes life doesn’t translate like that and many of us will have had difficult childhoods maybe in part due to the lack of love and care provided to us as a child from our parents.  This can affect us deeply and make it very difficult for us to deal with love and relationships at many levels (see "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" and "I Believe In Angels").  It is also an incredibly difficult thing to resolve as this is deep rooted.   I recently interviewed performance artist, ‘Countess’ Alex Zapak, who in one of her songs states that, “Love is the agitator.”  In other words, Love is the impetus for us all and defines and shapes our lives forever.

Of course, many of you reading this will be mothers and fathers yourselves so need no introduction as to how difficult parenting can be.  I am not a parent as yet and also had a difficult childhood (mainly due to the relationship with my father) and accordingly I know I was never the easiest of children to bring up unlike my 2 sisters who were relatively saints compared to me and who still are! 

Lorna Byrne, a person who I recently discovered whilst browsing books in the store WH Smiths and is the author of “Angels in My Hair” and “A Message of Hope From The Angels” says, “Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and people are not trained or prepared for it. Many mothers were never shown love themselves as a child and didn't know how to show it in turn to their own children. You though have the chance to show love to your mother and acknowledge a job well done.”

My sisters and I are fortunate to have been born to a mother who is as beautiful, as she is loving and has given us unconditional love from the point of conception. Of course there will always be difficult times in that relationship, but no mother or child is perfect. I just hope that wherever you are in the world today and whatever your circumstances that today is a joyful and blessed day for you both, as a child and as a mother and parent.

Happy Mother’s Day heart.


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Awwww this blog was so sweet, definitely coming back for more! keep up the good work!

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