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Singer Songwriter Susan Black sings, "Naked Fishes"

Synopsis: Celebrating lovely Maria's Birthday... Gosh is she getting old :-)!x

...Today is darling Modern Day Maria’s beautiful Birthday.  She is a whopping 15341 days old readers – yes I know, that is a LOT of candles bomb, but Maria is enchanting and gifted (not to mention strikingly pretty) and a beacon of light sun in a world filled with much darkness; and maybe one day (with her consent) I will be able to introduce her shine to you all…

In the meantime, while she struggles to set a fire big enough to ignite her (no doubt) ginormous cake – I have chosen this charming song, “Naked Fishes,” written and performed by artiste Susan Black who recently sung Edith Piaf at the Leicester Square Theatre in London; to serenade delightful Maria back into my arms and to rejoice with her on this splendid day in conjoined mind and spirit, but sadly - at this moment - not in conjoined (naked) body kissmark.

Missing you every nanosecond of every day darling Maria and long to hear your orgasmic laughter...

Have a fabulous Birthday.

Electrifying thunder kisses (all over)










Isaac Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ps. With many thanks to Susan Black who personally gave me permission to use this footage for my blog and for more information on Susan Black please go to

Also this blog is now available via Amazon Kindle – just search for it in the Kindle store of your country or click here if in UK Kindle Edition

And further articles which feature the wonderful Maria are…well pretty much all of them :-) xxx

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