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The Real Santa Claus Edited & cropped with watermark, 281212.jpgPicture of the Real Santa Claus spreading Xmas Joy in West Hampstead, London, UK © Isaac Sarayiah

Synopsis: Isaac explores Love at Xmas Time...

...As the dust settles on Christmas for another year and we move into 2013, there will have been both children and adults alike jumping frenetically, some in joy and ‘happiness,’ as Santa mystically realises their wishes; and some in despair, throwing tantrums, screaming and shouting (ie the rest of us) whose dreams were shattered yet again at the hands of ‘Bad’ Santa.

Naturally, my wish (fetish) was to come downstairs on Christmas morning to ‘discover’ luscious Modern Day Maria ‘magically’ handcuffed to the glistening tree naked, apart from sporting a delightful tiara of mistletoe, a card by Soap & Glory wishing me “Happy Holidays! xx” and a shiny red ribbon round her sexy svelte midriff in the tantalising form of a bow for me to unravel (see "Naked Fishes"), and as I have an artificial tree those pesky pine needles would not have caused her nuisance in delicate places!  Alas, I suppose it didn’t help that I actually failed to erect a tree at all this year, having been to the garage to discover our 17 year old 6ft artificial offering covered with cobwebs and a plethora of ensnared bugs so decided to give it a miss!; and also expecting the world to end on 21st Dec (those Mayans, what a bunch of jokers!), I equally failed to send off my fetish list to Santa’s headquarters in Lapland, Finland.

Just like there is only one True Soul Mate and hence only one True Love in any lifetime - and when you brush souls with that person it is akin to having known them all your life even though you may have only just met them, (but of course in reality you have been together beyond lifetimes) – there is equally only one True Santa and I was fortunate to track him down.

Due to the new era of austerity, the real Santa (beware of imitations) has ditched his customary sleigh and antlered entourage for a savvy blue hatchback with eco mode and due to global warming/ cooling* (delete as desired), he is now at liberty to spend time in more places around the world with London one of his favourite destinations due to its climate beginning to match that of his main home in the Arctic Circle… Contrary to popular belief, Santa does not live at the North Pole!

And on this day, Santa was in full preparation for his 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds blitzkrieg of delivering presents to each and every household in the world.  He wouldn’t tell me his secret, but he did say he no longer shimmies down chimneys, as due to Health and Safety that has become impossible and he couldn’t find insurance. This will explain why some of you with no chimneys still find presents under the sparkling tree on Christmas morning… Another mystery solved by! x

But he did say that like relationships, many of you who are jumping for joy this Christmas at receiving the present you wished for will soon be bored of it and want to dump it in the wasteland of Christmas gifts past.  He, quite wisely, points out that most relationships are entered into for all the wrong reasons heart03, where what seems great on the surface – is just manufactured belief razzle dazzle and not real – just as many Christmas presents are sought after for all their electronic wizardry and hype, but if there is no substance and foundation to them then the novelty factor and charm will quickly fade and get tossed aside.

I experienced this first hand when I was about 11 (exact age could not be confirmed). I had pleaded, sulked weep and complied with every trick in the child’s unwritten handbook of how to snare that ‘important’ gift; including even taking the rare step to promise my late father, Harry, who died when I was 18, that I would allow my 2 younger sisters, Pamela and Camilla, to play with it as well.  This was a gift I had coveted for the past few years, but it was an expensive present and we were not a well off family so to get it I had to overcome the normal objections and go ‘extreme.’  I think promising not to want a Birthday present the following X amount of years too was also thrown into the mix, but I am sure (given my slyness) that I would have had one’s fingers crossed behinds one’s back when I made such an undertaking, just as I am sure I did when I promised to allow my sisters playtime with it as well…

This elusive gift, (but seemingly not as elusive as my beloved Maria who I fear may have morphed into a full-time Human Ostrich after reading "The Healing Power of Sand"!), was of course the video games system of the decade at that time – the Atari 2600 Video Computer System...  The Atari Video Computer System sold in its millions around the world and paved the way for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to invade our homes with such gusto later on.  The time would have been around the early to mid-eighties when 'large statement mirrors made their way into hallways' kissmarkx and the infamous glitter ball hung from ceilings; and my fancy cost around £120 I think with games an extravagant £40 a pop, which even today (by my standards anyway), is a pricey gift.  This year though Santa was to reward me with my gift of choice – I presume I must have done some good in the 12 months - and true to my word, after my sisters had bowed down in front of me and bestowed their total allegiance to my masterful rule, they were allowed to play.

It shipped with legendary game Pacman and my sister Pamela says Asteroids as well – even though, having turned 40, I can’t remember that far back these days (see "A Celebration of Life").  However, just as with relationships which have no depth and substance, after playing for a couple of months we got bored and balking at the cost of purchasing new games, we decided to pass it on to pastures new and sold it.  Years of manipulative whining and strops taught me a valuable lesson in life and that is to always look at the bigger picture and to understand what is real and what is make believe (see "The Butterfly Effect"), which is why today I like to think I buy great and very thoughtful presents - even though my sister Camilla is likely to disagree having received an orange juice squeezer* from me this year!

Of course, the ultimate gift to any human being is pure and unconditional love – something which a child should automatically be gifted by their parents and no gift regardless of cost could (or should) ever be thought of as a replacement (see "A Mother’s Love"); For adults, finding that exclusivity with another human being is akin to tracking down the priceless Holy Grail and Destiny would have it that my priceless Holy Grail is a beautiful woman who can heal with her soul and rearrange furniture in her home seemingly on a weekly basis heart; and my love for her is Pure, Unconditional & “Red Hot [Lovers]” (see "The Lonely Goatherd") for we are True Soulmates past, present and future and I would sacrifice my life for hers if necessary, to protect her and keep her safe even if she is in the wrong X (see Suicide Blonde).

And despite this uniquely special person not being attached seductively to my non-existent tree, I generally love the festive period, as you witness the gleaming and excitable faces on the children wherever you go in expectation of the Big day.  I am not a father, but there is a wonderful little special needs girl, Amelie, who I love dearly and I actually prefer the experience now, as an adult, to when I was a child, because I think as an adult you appreciate this time so much more, as the love and happiness of a child penetrates all hearts and the gift of giving is very important.

However, sometimes events can sadly overshadow the festivities and I take this moment to give thought to the heartbreak that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut in America recently.

I am sure all our Hearts go out to the children, teachers, their families and loved ones whose lives were lost and broken.  It shows once again how fragile Life is and why we should always right wrongs, get things off our chest (let it ALL OUT!), express our True feelings, confront deep rooted fears and help others before that chance of True Happiness and Peace within, is lost in this lifetime.  I only hope that Destiny proves their lives will not be lost in vain and whilst I scream and shout with those affected at the seeming injustices and failings of the time we inhabit; in time, I hope the world as a whole will become a safer and more blessed place for their sacrifice…

Wishing the children and teachers of Sandy Hook and every person whose life force expired in 2012 - Peace and Comfort wherever their souls may rest… True Love is never conditional x

Merry Xmas World & Godspeed for 2013

Isaac X

Veritas vos liberabit

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*Not to be confused with a juicer!

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