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True Love at 15000

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Pic of me, Rob and Ruth, 280213 CROPPED.jpgIsaac Sarayiah with fabulous friends, Robert Bruh and Ruth Taylor at Belgo Noord for his 41st Birthday Celebrations

Synopsis: An article about 'coming of age,' wisdom, dreams and, of course, True Love...

...It is with some trepidation that I arise from my bed this morning. Today, hot on the heels from my 41st Birthday a few weeks ago, I turn a bewildering 15000 days old, as I play catch up with Modern Day Maria who herself became 15000 on 1st Dec 2011 – a staggering 479 days ago!

I am sure her head went for a spin when she found out she had reached such a milestone and maybe even left little old planet Earth for wee while(!) (see "Naked Fishes"), but despite her “w-a-a-a-y” old status she is beautiful on the inside and out and I True love her with all my younger beating heart heart02.

In layman’s terms, turning 15000 is becoming 41 and a “little” – nothing like Sue Townsend’s protagonist, Adrian Mole’s “three quarters” - and for my 41st Birthday, I had a fun packed day.  It started with greetings from my now bionic mum who, following on from her original spine tingling knee replacement surgery in March last year (see "A Mother’s Love"), decided to have her other knee replaced for titanium just after Xmas -  clearly they do have the power to rebuild!

For lunch I went to the gym (it has a café!), where my Americano was supersized on the house and they furnished me with complimentary sweet corn for my jacket potato to go with the tuna and mayo, before the celebrations began in earnest in the evening; downing shots on the house courtesy of Belgo Noord in Chalk Farm (NW London) with fabulous friends and my sister Camilla who had rushed back from a meeting in Manchester with suitcase in tow in order to celebrate with us.  Even the dining party of about 10 opposite congratulated me by wonderfully singing “Happy Birthday” and the night ended partying away at Proud Camden nightclub with a lot of students literally half my age (7500 days!).

Despite my learned age, creaking bones and now visible grey hairs (still fortunate to have hair though!), I like to think I can still hack it on the dance floor and it goes to show that even when you are “w-a-a-y” old (note: one ‘a’ less than Maria) you can still have a great time and to be honest it shouldn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you are with the people you love and care for and vice versa.  I am sure “w-a-a-a-y” old shining Maria and I would be Truly Happy rarely leaving the bedroom with only the essential journeys to the bathroom and kitchen for supplies to distract us; and maybe the odd excursion to her garden when sunny (which conveniently is accessible from her bedroom), to photosynthesis that all important vitamin Dbudx.  Yet it is a shame she wasn’t with me – well not in person, but always in mind and spirit of course, but maybe next time I should actually invite her!loveletter

Of course there are some benefits that allegedly come with reaching this 15000 milestone.  They say wisdom comes with age and despite not being entirely convinced this applies to Maria kissmark even though she is a miracle worker when it comes to solving style and space issues for interior design, a spiritually gifted Healer and, of course, makes wonderful Mexican soup (see "Suicide Blonde" and "The Naked Countess – Interview Exclusive" ) , I am sure in general this is true.   Our Life experiences topple up and we hopefully learn by our mistakes and what history teaches us; also you begin to understand what is really important in life and whom you truly love.

True love is a very precious and rare commodity, which cannot be bought or traded nor manufactured (even though many inadvertently try to do so, as they misread or misinterpret their feelings and the situation with the inevitable negative consequences – see “Scream and Shout”), but if genuinely found ignites a second life in two people, bringing them ALIVE; and soul mate love is the rarest True love of all (True Love MAX!), entwining an “always great” relationship with unique, dreamlike and magical VIBES such as the sense that everything is possible along with telepathic sensory perception and communication similar to how twins can feel and sense each other regardless where-ever they may be on this planet Earth and, of course, AMAZING sex!impact (See my Valentine’s Day articles, “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” and “The Lonely Goatherd”).

And to avoid false positives where LOVE is concerned or if your brain can’t (or won’t) compute what your heart is drumming to you, dreams sometimes perform a crystal ball in showing the way and revealing the truth of a situation.

Recently I had a dream in which darling Maria was telling me I was an “idiot!”  I replied, she was the “bigger idiot” (in the dream of course!), we both agreed with each other and then we made love...  The most beautiful dream I have had in living memory and, as we both believe in making our dreams reality, I hope it is only a short while now before I hear her French dulcet tones, “Isaac, you are an idiot,” or, “Isaac, tu es un parfait imbécile,” and we lock ourselves in her candlelit bedroom until her kitchen runs bare and we become the Happiest man and woman alive on this wee little planet we call Earth heart04.

Have a fabulous day all and listen to your dreams and what your heart is truly saying and Happy 15000 if you too are a member of our ‘exclusive’ club.

Kisses Isaac


Nb: Having learnt a lot from my Life experiences from which this blog was borne, I am now offering my advice and service on all manner of things (ooh la la) goodx... For more info click "HERE" or the “Hire Me!” link.

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