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bobby ewing shower with me.jpgArtist impression of Modern Day Maria finding Isaac in her shower in the Bobby Ewing Shuffle. (Original pic is of Bobby Ewing, Dallas, 1986).

Synopsis: The follow up to “True Love at 15000,” an article stirred with beautiful love, showers, dreams and Dallas x...

...It has been 5 months since I published my last article. Apart from not knowing what else to say, I think I lost confidence after penning, “True Love at 15000,” which makes me laugh every-time I read it and helps cheer me up; compensating in part from the embedded daily heartache and emptiness of sadly (at the moment) not being physically with my beautiful 100% soul mate, Modern Day Maria.

It pains me to let you all know that, as yet, Maria hasn’t had the gumption bottle to pick up her phone to tell me, “Isaac, tu es un parfait imbécile,” and that is a tragedy readers – for both of us.

I naturally hoped she would have told me what an idiot I am so we could get the healing process kicking - to deal with the deep, immensely powerful emotions we both share and ignite my dancing in the living room celebrations once again before I race over to hers; embracing her a 1000 times as I visually rehearse ahead of my doorstep arrival, for when she casually swings the door open to welcome me with a mischievous smile that would put Alice in Wonderland’s fabled Cheshire Cat out of business.

By not being able to heal the deep trauma that lies within I have had some dark emotional days, as anniversaries of devastating triggers in May and June took hold (see "Staying Alive"), but generally speaking I am well, regaining my physical fitness after my whiplash injuries (see "Wacky Races") and would like to hear from her - how she really is? - and miss her intensely.

Just hearing her sexy, softly spoken, French accent is a ‘Wonder of the World’ we live in and no doubt will be highlighted in Wikipedia at some point in the future. The vivid memories of being with her flood my mind, body and spirit every day and drift slowly through my subconscious at night;  Waking with her arms draped around me, leg raising kisses, having breakfast lovingly together, washing up before I would leave hers whilst she’s busy at work so as to give her joy with a spick and span kitchen on her return, giving her a full body sensual massage treat or teasing her about her cooking (which apart from her delish Mexican Soup, is "to die for" and I mean literally – that said I am hardly one to speak on that front, but I do some very good roasts) - are all time for ecstatic reflection, as is hearing of her projects at work, our beautiful, sensuous love-making and the caressing of her hot, delicate naked oiled body with mine heart04x.

I am sure when we do finally start speaking and seeing each other again (fingers and toes crossed), it will be as if we never separated and the horrors that were to befall our relationship and wonderful friendship are a very bad dream and simply a blip on our shared life horizon.  As if the scariest episode in our lives (see "Suicide Blonde" and "I Believe in Angels") was a play on the “Bobby Ewing Shuffle” where - just as how Pamela Ewing (Victoria Principal) awoke to find her True soul mate Bobby (Patrick Duffy) in the shower (after apparently being dead for a whole season, yet it was a dream); and the very handsome, much loved, honest, kind and trustworthy Bobby was ‘reborn’ into the feisty world of oil tycoons and despicable shenanigans in Dallas - so maybe Maria will awake to find me in her shower rain.  And Dallas is a good analogy, as to be able to afford one of manageress Maria’s projects you really need to be an oil tycoon or of the ilk.  By day she sells exquisite home furnishings, such as a luxury leather sofa with electrically operated multi position backrests and an integrated USB port so you can charge your IPhone without ever having to get up - a dream come true for those who fiddle with their mobiles 24/7 and happen to own an oilfield and or a ranch in Southfork (I’ve been browsing the catalogue for inspiration!) x.

But alas, despite all channels of communication being open (including postcards!), this blog's heroine is silently observing and contemplating her actions and thoughts.  I would have considered the nervousness and anxiety of her making contact now and talking openly with me (see "The Healing Power of Sand") is much lessened due to my remarkable efforts, courage, openness, loyalty and resourcefulness publicly (and privately) and even though she may think she’ll have to answer some pretty tough interrogational style questioning posed by me – such as, Why did you go mental?”  The reality is Maria has nothing to fear except the Bobby Ewing Shuffle will most likely reunite us ‘till death do us part,’ as we have been in centuries past and that thought, understandably, may initially be a bit daunting.

I shall be ‘scolding’ her though - advising she should have known better. How she should have listened to my rationale, creative and logical influences.  How she should have heard my impassioned pleas and felt the true beats of our alwaysin unison” hearts…  How she should have understood the beauty of why it is always great between us since her breath-taking introductory email back in Oct 2007 (see "The Lonely Goatherd"), before breaking it off on a crazy whim and then subsequently committing hari-kari scorpiusx.  During her reprimand I shall seek redemption (should she not invite me first), “Ok, so can I come over? “ And, “Hey Presto,” as if by the swishing of her magic wand (don’t ask!), our journey elevates into Never Never Land where our shared childhood dreams flourish cherryblossom and we never grow old(er) (see "Naked Fishes").

I referred to the power of dreams as guidance for the future in my last article and I do so in this article, as another penetrating preview shows us conversing and dating again (except this time without us calling each other 'idiots' x) and seeming so real that I could almost reach out and touch her; and I wonder whether she is sleeping on similar experiences?

Today is two years since I launched (see my "Welcome" post and "A Journey Becomes One") in what has clearly grown into an audacious and unprecedented bid to communicate with her, placate the damage that was done and free her heart of its troubled past in order to win it forever (see "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?"). Despite the 5 month hiatus our blog is set to surpass 200k visitors and 500k page views for 2013 and in April it briefly skipped into the top 10k websites in the UK for traffic, as Modern Day Maria becomes pretty famous indeed.  Alas, neither these accomplishments nor the content were suitable to win nomination for Cosmopolitan’s 2013 Blog Awards, but I am grateful to all who took the time to nominate this blog.  Maybe Modern Day Maria herself will start penning for it - sharing her visions, creativity, unique skills and talents, intriguing (if at times nonsensical and dangerous) thoughts and her philosophy on life - providing balance and no doubt sending traffic soaring into the stratosphere, as her gorgeousness and real life magic blows us all away.

Take a deep breath, swallow your pride (see "Let’s Face the Music and Dance") and get in touch Maria… before you find me naked in your shower :-) xxx.

Have a happy day all and Happy 2nd Birthday to cake.



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