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I am now available for consultation on a variety of topics and issues. If you believe you would benefit from my input please contact me via email (info(at)theSarayiahpost.com). You may be interested in talking with me on any of the following subjects, or if there is something else you think I may be able to help you with, please let me know:

Relationship/ Life Coaching:

Are you going through a difficult time? Have relationship/ life issues that you can’t figure out? Going crazy that nothing you do seems to turn out right? Are you trying to find depth and meaning to your life or just need help getting where you’d like to be? 

If you are looking for solutions or just an alternative perspective on your situation, I may be able to provide that insight or offer a practical strategy so you can be “FREE, ALIVE and Truly HAPPY.”

If you are ready to be open and honest and are aware that – just like my writing - my opinions and advice are very honest and direct, I can provide consultations on a strictly confidential basis.  I am not a trained therapist or a psychologist, but I am a relationship consultant for US company Wizpert and have my own philosophy on Life with a knack at getting to the root cause of the issue. I provide solutions by looking at the bigger picture, truth and the causal consequences of actions.  I am also a very good listener :-). My rate is: £80 per hour

(Please note – if you are suicidal – I do not charge a fee, but please seek appropriate medical advice/ assistance immediately and let your friends and family know of your feelings).

Blog/ Article Writing:

I can write on numerous topics for your blog or website having had varied life/ work experiences which give depth and engagement to the articles.  If you like my style of writing and what I have to say then this may be for you :-). My rate is £120 for up to 600 words (£12 per 100 words thereafter). The fee includes my time spent researching the article and a "dofollow" backlink to my blog with full credit would be required.


I am able to review or edit your articles/ blog posts.  My rate is £35 per hour.

Article Coaching:

If you have your own blog/ website (or are thinking of launching one), but are having trouble writing articles or finding inspiration, I am happy to coach you and also research topics. My rate is £40 per hour.

Blog/ Website Improvement Services:

I can advise on your blog/ website with regards to practical design features and functionality, including setup & installation, hosting, links to social media (Facebook and Twitter), e-commerce and basic SEO. My rate is £40 per hour.

A Bit More…

I launched this blog on 24th August 2011 to help others using my experiences after experiencing a very difficult time and I now regularly have in excess of 12,000 global visitors a month. I have received many accolades for my writing and have been contacted by people who seek my help.  I am very easy to talk with and very open and honest and if I don’t believe I can help you I will say so at the outset. 

I hold a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from York University (England); and a MSc (Dunelm) in Corporate and International Finance from Durham University (University College), England. I have varied work experiences including Investment Banking (Equity Derivatives), IT Consultancy, Restaurant PR and Fashion (representing British designer Julien MacDonald). My diverse experience enables me to see many sides of the same coin and I have a great interest in helping others.

Please visit the "About Me" page for more about me and this blog and read my "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy."



(NB: You too can be wearing the lovely "theSarayiahpost" T-shirt and they come in a variety of colours. They can be purchased "HERE" :-))



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